Be Like Ahrefs Or Ubersuggest With Dedicated Semalt Dashboard


  • Introduction
  • What is the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard (DSD)?
  • Using DSD to Provide Your Clients with Value 
  • Selling SEO Packages to Your Clients with DSD
  • Create a Free SEO Report to Generate Client Leads 
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Have you ever wanted to launch or grow your SEO business with the use of a powerful analytical tool like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest that is branded for your particular business? You can now by white labeling the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard (DSD). 

The DSD provides comprehensive SEO auditing features as well as web analytics so that you can help your clients get much more clarity on the current status of their website and rankings. 

The best part is that you can use your own domain and logo with this tool so that your clients think you are the one who developed it!

You can also leverage the range of tools (including optional lead generating add-ons) provided by the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard to build a list of interested clients and then sell them customized packages with regular detailed reports covering virtually every key aspect of SEO analytics which you can then use to create customized strategies and services.

What is the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard (DSD)?

The Dedicated Semalt Dashboard (DSD) is the latest SEO tool provided by Semalt, designed to help you start and grow your SEO business. Try a free demo of the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard.

Whether you are an individual freelancer or an agency, it is a powerful tool to uncover a full range of SEO metrics for your clients to help them better understand their current SEO and website status and to build the foundation of your customized SEO strategy for each client.

By providing customized reports to your clients with your own logo and brand, you'll set your SEO business apart while offering clear value to your clients. 

The DSD only takes around 15 minutes to launch and has a number of tools (explained below) that are designed to provide your clients with new insights and help you quickly showcase your SEO skills as a freelancer or agency. 

By using the DSD's website audit, ranking analysis, reporting and other tools, you can grow your business and stand out compared to your competitors who aren't able to provide their clients with the same SEO visibility or who have to refer their clients to third party services.

Using DSD to Provide Your Clients With Value

With a quick peek at the features of the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard, you'll soon see just how powerful this tool can be for branding your company and also providing your clients with value.

Each module provides you with powerful SEO reporting features:

The SERP Tool - shows the top ranking keywords for a particular website along with the best ranking pages and also uncovers competitors. This is critical data for any website owner and it can quickly uncover specific SEO areas to focus on in the short and long term.

The Webpage Analyzer - provides in-depth SEO analytics for any particular URL, uncovering numerous areas of improvement including meta tags, headings, internal and external links, mobile optimization and page speed and much more.

The Page Speed Tool - provides greater analysis of page speed and potential issues that are limiting your page speed. Page speed is critical for website owners and improving page speed can help improve rankings.

The Content Tool - checks your website for content uniqueness and plagiarism throughout the web. It is essential that you limit duplicate content as much as possible and help your clients stay on the lookout for any copied webpages or information.

The Report Center - allows you to create customized branded reports using the Semalt DSD tools. Create a detailed branded report with your logo and domain and schedule them at your preferred frequency so that your clients are always kept in the loop.

All of these powerful tools are at your disposal with the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard. You can even run them on your own domain - so that your website can basically become its own Ahrefs or SEMRush. 

How cool is that? Keep your clients engaged and leverage the Semalt tool right on your own subdomain. Installation is quick and easy and we provide you with all the details you need when you visit the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard Website

Selling SEO Packages to Your Clients with DSD

As you grow your SEO business, consider creating customized packages for your clients that provide different levels of reporting along with additional SEO services.

Selling SEO packages using the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard may be the way to go for you as a freelancer. Packages can provide you with a steady stream of recurring revenue while allowing you to leverage the power of DSD to provide your clients with value.

You might consider providing one set of packages centered around different levels of reporting and another set of packages that combine reporting with SEO services.

Consider starting off with low priced packages for basic monthly or weekly reporting and then increasing the cost based on the level of support and services that you provide.

Create a Free SEO Report to Generate Leads

Regardless of how you decide to structure your SEO services, one important key is providing transparency with all of your SEO services to help you sell more of them. You can do exactly that by showcasing a demo of Dedicated Semalt Dashboard to any potentially interested clients. 

Consider offering a "Free SEO Report" in exchange for basic information to help you build a list of potential clients. You can leverage the features of the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard to help you quickly gain the interest of potential clients.

There's no better time to get your SEO business growing and the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard is here to help you achieve your business goals! 

Get Started Now with DSD

Get started today with a free demo of the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard - one of the most convenient ways to grow your SEO business.

This professional SEO toolkit can be fully integrated into your website which will help you build your brand, increase sales and generate much more client loyalty. 

Your clients won't go anywhere else once you show them the powerful and insightful reports that you can generate directly from your website using the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard. 

You can get started now by visiting the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard website and registering for a free account.